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Privacy Policy

The following document constitutes the privacy policy for legal means according to the “Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de los Particulares (la “LFPDP”)” (which translates Federal law for the Protection of personal data base), and all its disposition related to this law referred as “Aviso” (Notice). Which is in reference to the personal information obtained about clients in the following web page and/or the property manager and/or the property owner all three referred as “Responsible party”.

What information do we request?

The “Responsible Party” collects reasonable information to properly identify the client/prospect. As an example, but not excluding other means: Name and surnames, Date of birth, Address, Email address, Federal ID, State ID, telephone number, Passport Number, credit card and/or bank Accounts.

How do we collect the information?

The personal data could be collected the following communication channels:

  • By email.
  • During physical visits to the property sites.
  • By telephone
  • By providing voluntary information through digital channels or physical promotional activities like trades shows or expos.
  • By collecting information during the signing of contracts.
  • By accessing public information

All information we collect about our clients/prospects is used to create a data base of clients and prospects that stayed at properties published with the objectives to comply with the con (Know your customer) KWC requirements and provide the best service on your next stay.

¿How do we use and share the information we collected?

Here are some examples of the different uses of the collected personal information:

  • We collect the information to create a client database.
  • It is used to analyze and know the markets, territories, and populations niches that our clients belong to.
  • To validate the signatures and information provided for rental contracts or leases.
  • The collected Data is not shared with any other entity in no sense unless required by law.
  • The date is storage at with limited Access from the “Responsible party”. Information is not shared with any other entity.

How to contact the responsible party?

For any questions about our privacy notice, please contact us at:

How to Execute your ARCO rights?

To request any modification, cancelation, opposition and/or limitation about your rights of the use of your personal information according to the LFPDP please contact:

Changes to the Privacy Notice

The “Responsible Party” reserves all rights to modify and/or update this privacy notice according to law and upon changes of our policies. Its responsibility of the “Responsible party” to maintain this notice up to date with laws and requirement.